Information Futsal Matches

T.S.V.V. Merlijn currently has two futsal teams, both playing in the competition of the Tilburg Futsal Union. Our first team currently plays in the highest league of the Tilburg Futsal Union. Our second team plays in the second level of the Tilburg Futsal Union. A membership at the KNVB with another union is not an obstacle to appearing for TSVV Merlijn Futsal as the KNVB and Tilburg Futsal Association are different organizations. Both of our teams play their home games at the Tilburg University Sports Center on Friday evenings. For the entire competition program, you can consult the website of the Tilburg Futsal Union: https://tzvb.futsalmanager.nl.

T.S.V.V. Merlijn does not have futsal training for her teams. The Tilburg University Sports Center does provide various indoor training courses for everyone with a sports subscription. These training sessions are attended by a number of players from our teams. Consult the sports schedule of the Tilburg University Sports Center for training dates and times.

To come and play at Merlijn Futsal (and to participate in the training sessions of the sports center), you need to have a sports subscription. The futsal membership fee at Merlijn is € 21.50 as a pinchhitter and € 50 as a competition member.

To be eligible for Merlijn Futsal 1, you must have the required level. Playing at the first team is always done in consultation with the trainer.

For more information about a membership at Merlijn and other matters regarding indoor football, it is best to contact the Competition Manager at cmveld.tsvvmerlijn@gmail.com.