Tilburg Student Summer Night Football (TSZV)
The Tilburg Student Summer Night Football is an initiative from TSVV Merlijn and is a unique event for students. This event consists of sun, football, beer, music, parties and fun! In addition to the competition, there are also many fun activities including a beer cantus and a barbecue on the last evening, followed by a big closing party!

Tilburg Open Futsal Tournament (TOFT)
Tilburg Open Futsal Tournament (TOFT) is a weekend full of football, beer, parties and fun. There are two competitions, one for the ladies and one for the men. The women’s teams only play on Saturday and for the men’s teams it is a two-day tournament.

During the tournament, food will be provided, for example, there is lunch and dinner on Saturday and on Sunday you can get strengthened with an anti-hangover breakfast and lunch.

On Saturday, the first day of the tournament will end in style with a beer cantus, after which the party will continue until the early hours. It is also possible to stay overnight!

Clubcard Party/Mix Tournament and Consitution Drink (CoBo)
The well-known mix tournament may not be the most fanatic, but certainly one of the nicest tournaments! Everyone is welcome at this tournament: young, old, male or female, it doesn’t matter! After the fantastic football that is exhibited on this evening, the members continue their way to the city center, where the first official Merlijn party takes place every year: The Clubcard Party. During the Club Card Party, the official membership cards will be handed out.

Traditionally, the Mix Tournament and Clubcard Party are combined every year with the annual Constitution Drink, where members and external parties are given the opportunity to congratulate Merlijn’s new board.

Christmas Dinner
Every year in December, the most luxurious event that Merlijn has to offer is just around the corner: the Christmas dinner! At this event, (former) Merlijn members move from the football field to the dining table to eat and drink together.Every year we are spoiled with a delicious 3-course dinner and lots of wine.

Merlijn Beer Cantus
One of the first activities of the new football season is the beer cantus. During this activity you can introduce all your friends to all the beautiful things that Merlijn has to offer. While enjoying lots of beer and a cantus band, this activity quickly becomes one not to be missed!

Merlijn Carnaval
During Carnaval, one day at Merlijn is a must! Traditionally, this fun event starts at 11:11 am, with breakfast and our well-known shots: the Merliners! Do you need to recover or are you already in the party mood? It is all possible and allowed (just like everything with Merlijn). In any case, there will be no lack of fun!

Theme Party
One of the best parties of the year are the annual theme parties. Various themes have already been reviewed, such as the themes the Third Half, Black & White, Support Your Locals, Pre-Party TSZV, Disco and many more.

One of the most notorious Merlijn activities of all time: De Biero. For those who have never heard of this event, De Biero is the (special) beer-based equivalent of the Giro d’Italia. Following the 2018 Giro route, we will be taking various (13) beers with various percentages. Before the Biero starts every year, the brave participants prepare by consuming good Italian dinner. The Giro is a cycling event and so is the Biero. Appearing in cycling clothing is therefore mandatory!