FOSST means the Federation of Student Sports Tilburg. This is the umbrella organization of the 23 SSA’s (Student Sports Associations) in Tilburg.

FOSST its main task is ensuring that the interests of the sporting students and SSA’s are protected. This means that FOSST is the point of contact for all 23 SSA’s Tilburg has and the individual athletes. About 12 000 students in Tilburg have a subscription of the Tilburg University Sports Center and therefore use the accommodation and the wide range of sports facilities the Sports Center offers.

It is important for the Sports Council that the student is central and heard in order to meet the needs of student sports.

Many intern and extern relations are important for the student sports. Therefore FOSST represents the SSA’s and all student athletes in meetings with other student organisations of Tilburg University. Furthermore, the sports council works together with the management team and other employees of the Sports Center to maintain and, if possible, improve the quality of student sports. In addition, FOSST also represents student sports of Tilburg at a national level. There is consultation per quarter with all sports councils of other university cities in the Netherlands and the umbrella organization ‘StudentenSport Nederland’.

Support, Stimulation and Promotion
For national student sport events (e.g. the Batavierenrace and the GNSK) FOSST organizes the Tilburg delegation. In addition to these national events, the sports council also organizes its own events to stimulate student sports. For example several clinics, the futsal competition and the carnival volleyball tournament. The SSA’s are highly involved by promoting these events. Furthermore, FOSST also organizes board days and drinks to stimulate the cooperation between SSA’s. The aim of FOSST is to support the boards and associations on an organizational and partly financial level, in order to maximize the quality of recreational sports and deep sports.

To promote student sports as much as possible, there is a lot of contact with external institutions such as Tilburg University, Fontys & Avans Hogescholen and the Municipality of Tilburg.

You can find more information about the FOSST Sports Council on the FOSST website.