T.S.V.V. Merlijn is a vivid association with about 250 members, of which the majority consists of students studying at Tilburg University or the HBO schools, Fontys Hogeschool and Avans Hogeschool. In addition to the matches on both the field and in the hall, T.S.V.V. Merlijn also organizes several major events, such as the Tilburg Student Summer Night Football (TSZV) that attracts more than 400 people and the Tilburg Open Futsal Tournament (TOFT) where we can welcome over 200 students from inside and outside Tilburg. We are always looking for parties who are interested in sponsoring our association and our activities. The larger sponsorships as well as the the smaller ones are highly appreciated and valued by us. There is also the opportunity to put your company name on a billboard along our main field.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities of the association or one of our activities, please send an email without obligation to penning.tsvvmerlijn@gmail.nl.

The current sponsors of T.S.V.V. Merlijn are:

Boeka sponsorpage

The Boekanier is our sponsor pub. We have our parties here.

Advocabo sponsorpage

The women of our first team are completely provided with team clothing and sportbags by Handling Services BV and Boom Advocatenkantoor.

Jartzai sponsorpage

Jartazi has been the official supplier of our competition clothing since 2020. Thanks to Jartazi our selection teams will be playing their matches in new, high-quality tenues during the season 2020-2021.

TiU sponsorpage

The University of Tilburg offers us a beautiful accommodation where we are able to play soccer. In addition, the university supports our association by arranging materials, tenues and through subsidies.

ABN sponsorpage

ABN AMRO is the perfect example of a more passive sponsor, that has a billboard on our main field to promote brand awareness.

Tiger sponsorpage

Since 2019 we work together with Tigerprint. This textile printing company provides us with well printed board and committee cloathing in which the board and our members can proudly represent our association. Think of polos, shirts and sweaters printed with logo and text.

Knaek sponsorpage

The student life of our members is made a bit easier and less expensive since they can use the student discounts that are arranged by Knaek each year.