T.S.V.V. Merlijn has several committees which help the board to keep the association up and running. Find out more information about our committee below.

Would you like to join one of our committees? Please send an e-mail to

Acquisition Committee

The acquisition committee is founded to help Merlijn get more incomes out of sponsorships. It is this committee’s job to get in touch with companies and to create a healthy, longterm partnership with these companies.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Evelien van den Broek
  • Lonneke van Gastel
  • Anke van den Heuvel 
  • Judith Kok
  • Ashlynn Pranger
  • Lianne van Oosterom (Board)

You can contact our acquisition committee by sending an email to:

Activities committe

The activities committee, also known as ACom, organizes several activities during the year. The ACom organizes activities for our own members and works together with other student sports associations to organize activities where non-members are welcome as well. The Acom is led by our Activities Manager.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Bas Gadella
  • Esmée Gielen
  • Jesse van der Lee
  • Nienke Maliepaard
  • Noa Nieuwenhuijse
  • Anne Ninteman
  • Michelle Reijven
  • Robbert Spaargaren
  • Nanne Oonk (Board)

You can contact our activities committee by sending an email to:

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of former chairmen and other experienced members within Merlijn. Their experience enables them to advise the current board. The board can therefore contact them for advice on unusual problems.The Advisory Board meets several times a year to discuss the affairs of the association with the chairman.


  • Stephanie van den Braak
  • Fleur Klaver
  • Sjors Reutelingsperger

Cash Audit Committee

The Cash Audit Committee takes a critical look at the treasurer’s accounts. Once a quarter, the Cash Audit Committee meets to discuss the state of financial affairs. In addition, the Cash Audit Committee gives advice on whether or not to discharge a treasurer. Members of the Cash Audit Committee must also be officially installed and discharged during a General Members Meeting.


  • Maxim van den Akker
  • Luc Geurts
  • Sjors Reutelingsperger

Men’s Committee

The men’s committee consists of men only and is there to organize activities for the men of T.S.V.V. Merlijn. It is their job to make sure the men of the Saturday and Sunday teams will get to know each other better.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Cas Bernards
  • Luc Geurts
  • Ewout Vaes
  • William van Wijk
  • Luuk van Opstal (Board)

You can contact the Men’s Committee by sending an email to:

MI Committee

The MI Committee is responsible for publishing the Merlijn International, our club magazine, three times a year. This magazines contains a variaty of interviews, facts, reports and much more information about our members and the association. The Merlijn International is available for members in the Olympia Sports Bar.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Amanda Douma
  • Lotte Gerrits
  • Fleur Klaver
  • Michelle Reijven
  • Tom Scheffers
  • Cherelle Boekelman (Board)

You can reach our MI Committee by sending an e-mail to:

PR Committee

The PR Committee promotes TSVV Merlijn in several ways. The PR Committee is responsible for our website and our social media channels. Furthermore, the PR Committee takes care of all our photos and videos of activities, practices and matches to communicate Merlijn’s ambiance in a proper way.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Noah Brok
  • Fabiënne D’Huy
  • Timo van de Vijver
  • Koen van Zwam
  • Cherelle Boekelman (Board)
  • Mirte de Ronde (Board)

For PR related subjects, you can send an email to:

TOFT Committee

The TOFT Committee yearly organizes the Tilburg Open Futsal Tournament. This multi-day event attracts participants from inside as well as outside Tilburg. Traditionally a beercantus is organized on Saturday evening and on Sunday all prizes will be divided. There are seperate poules for men as well as for women.

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Jeroen Conijn
  • Morris van der Heijden
  • Tommy Lavrijsen
  • Noa Nieuwenhuijse
  • Vivienne Thorton
  • Nick Verkaik
  • Luuk van Opstal (Board)

You can contact our TOFT committee by sending an email to:

TOP Committee

The TOP committee is in charge of all the promotion activities before and during the TOP week in august. This committee sets up original social media plans and cool activities for participants of the TOP week.

Members in 2021:

  • Lianne van Oosterom
  • Milou van der Wouw
  • Cherelle Boekelman
  • Laurien Konink
  • Casper Heemskerk (board)
  • Tess Hille (board)

We are still looking for members to join the TOP Committee! Would you like to help promoting Merlijn during TOP Week 2022? Please send an email to

TSZV Committee

Together with amateur soccer association Willem II, our TSZV Committee yearly organizes the Tilburgs Student Summer Night Soccer Tournament. This Tournament takes place at the end of each season on Wednesday evenings for five weeks in a row. Over the years, TSZV has become a household name in the city of Tilburg. TSZV is all about soccer, parties, beer and a lot of fun! Every year, more than 400 students experience a legendary TSZV!

Members in 2021-2022:

  • Nena Floris
  • Ward van Gestel
  • Casper Heemskerk
  • Laura Heij
  • Anke van den Heuvel
  • Lisa Keller
  • Suzanne Sluijs
  • Niahm Termeer
  • Milla Pols
  • Mirte de Ronde (Board)

You can contact the TSZV Committee by sending an email to: